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December 18th, 2022

11 am-2 pm

Join us for a Winter Concert and Shakedown Market! We will be raising funds for the awesome Buffalo String Works. Come join the fun and “dancing in the street”! Can’t wait to see you there!

CALL FOR VENDORS! Share your wares at this family-friendly event in a Shakedown Street-style mini market.

SPONSOR OUR EVENT! Make it rain for Buffalo String Works and support our mission to provide safe and inspiring spaces for young people to experience live music. 


Oct. 29th, 2022


Want to attend?

Entry passes will be first come, first served. Attendees with pass must be from the same household. A majority of the entry passes will go to families able to donate $100 or more. The remaining entry passes will go to families able to donate below $100.

Proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society.

The entry request link will go live on October 25 at 4:00 pm EST. Those awarded entry will have 60 minutes to make their donation using the provided link or their entry will be released to the next family, so watch your inbox! 

Follow us on instagram to get the link live at 4pm!

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