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About Us

“As humans, we all seem to feel energized by music and dance – it’s very mysterious and inspiring. You need to instill what motivates you into your children and grandchildren. It's not just an opening to introduce kids to be musical – it’s also because musicians need more fans,"
          -Judy Weinstein

Junior Jerry Jam events will earmark a local charity or organization as beneficiary.

About the Founders
Stu & Judy Weinstein are community-minded, family-oriented, lovers & supporters of live music. The organization was founded naturally as a way to engage families in the music scene. 

About the Organization
Founded in 2021,  Junior Jerry Jam seeks to celebrate the Dead’s music in a family-friendly, multigenerational environment. The organization’s name is a tribute to the late Grateful Dead guitarist, singer and songwriter Jerry Garcia.

Grateful Family Vibes
The Weinsteins have long been immersed in the Buffalo music scene and are familiar faces in concert clubs and at festivals representing a broad swath of musical idioms. And, though it might seem incongruous to the uninitiated, the two have seamlessly folded their love and support for live music into a lifestyle that emphasizes the importance of family above all else. 

Additional Goals
Junior Jerry Jam creates an fun way to support a collaborative music opportunity for the local musicians here in Buffalo.

"The challenges that our young musicians face today are exponentially higher than the previous generation. Paradoxically, the pandemic seems like a big setback for live music venues, but I see it as a springboard. When you jump, you need to bend down first. The void that is present now has more potential to be filled than ever before. Every obstacle is an opportunity waiting.” - Stu Weinstein


The ensuing partnership yielded the maiden voyage event that featured an all-star collection of renowned local musicians, including Dave Ruch, Joe Bellanti, Corey Kertzi, Jim Doersam, Pablo Zabrycki, Aaron Ziolkowski and Sue Kincaid performing a set billed as “kid-centric music inspired by the Grateful Dead catalog,” with children’s activities lending a sense of all-ages continuity to the event.

For that first show, proceeds were donated to Buffalo String Works, a collective of educators working to offer area immigrant and refugee children access to instruments, instruction and a proper music education.  

“Choosing our first beneficiary was a natural – kids learning music at our wonderful Buffalo String Works program,” said Stu Weinstein, noting that all

Our First Event

"We are all music lovers to the core. And we all want something better for the community and for future generations.” 

Grace Veneske

Twenty6 Productions President/Founder

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